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Certified Company ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018

About Company

AEGIS 2K is the Italian distributor of Tracer Research (acquired in December 2002 by the Praxair U.S. public company, now Praxair Services Inc.) sole licensee for the implementation and application of the TracerTight and Vapor Trace methodologies.
The TracerTight method runs leak test for the above-ground and underground tanks and pipeline.

The Vapor Trace method can detect the presence of pollution of volatile organic compounds in soils and groundwater, through the gas-chromatographic analysis of interstitial soil gases (Leak Detection services – Testing Seals for tanks and lines).

The Soil Gas Vapor Survey during the Trace methodology allows to assess the condition of a soil contaminated by hydrocarbons and other volatile organic compounds by gas-chromatographic analysis of interstitial gas, groundwater and soil.

They are non-destructive sampling methods: the samples collection can be performed in industrial zones, airports, service stations, landfills and urban areas, to detect extremely low contamination.


The aim of the AEGIS 2K is to contribute to the growth and development of the social fabric by resorting to a highly experienced and continuously trained staff.

Our Policy

Aegis 2k carries out its activities within the framework defined by the laws and regulations in force in Italy and in Europe. Within this framework, Aegis 2k is committed to prioritize the implicit and explicit needs of any Covered Parties, who are so identified:

  • staff and their families
  • corporate partners
  • customers
  • suppliers
  • regional institutions and national public and private bodies
  • the European Union and other supranational bodies

All the involved parties are concerned to achieve the goal of working with technical and professional independence and with recognized interdisciplinary skills, as well as with a significant training in the field of Aegis 2k activities.

To obtain this, the training provided by Aegis 2k defines a set of professional figures with enough skill and expertise that can meet the implicit and explicit expectations of all potential stakeholders. The resulting recognition, at national and international level, is the high quality of the services provided.

Thus, our intermediate objective consists in the realization of the best organizational and environmental conditions to make the staff:

  • follow a clearly defined career path;
  • gain a solid grounding in both theory and practice on all the types of activities performed and on the associated risks;
  • participate in internships with high educational institutions and affiliated organizations that can provide a high level of preparation in order to carry out their activities with the priority of people and environment security;
  • may continuously adapt contents and activities to the market needs;
  • be aware of how important it is to achieve full satisfaction of customers and all interested parties, in order to stimulate commitment and involvement;
  • keep on continuously monitoring the implicit and explicit needs of customers (customer satisfaction) to promptly activate any actions necessary for improvement;

The easy accessibility for staff to all information about courses and training in the general life of the Society is a key issue in our effort to reach these objectives.
To achieve these objectives, Aegis 2k, through the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2000 Register number 7424 URS-UKAS Quality Management-043-A) created in January 2003, aims to systematically control the management of processes and activities, also by comparing actual and expected results.

Therefore, at the beginning of each year the management undertakes to prepare an Annual Plan which sets out the quality objectives – measurable where possible – to be attained in the same year. Aegis 2k is committed, finally, to make the Quality Policy and the Annual Plan disseminated, understood and shared at all organizational levels.