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AEGIS 2K is the official European licensee for Praxair’s TracerTight®, Seeper Trace℠ and Vapor Trace patented leak detection technologies. Read more
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AEGIS 2K has extensive experience in consulting of design, analysis and re-rating of storage tanks used in refineries, chemical plants, power plants, nuclear plants and other processing facilities. Read more

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AEGIS 2K is the official European services distributor for Tracer Research Corporation (acquired by Praxair Services, Inc., in December 2002) and is the sole licensee for the application of the TracerTight®, Vapor Trace and SeeperTrace℠ methodologies.

TracerTight® is the industry’s most accurate, reliable and sensitive method for leak testing above-ground and underground tanks and pipeline. Vapor Trace is a method for detecting and locating hydrocarbons and other volatile organic compounds in the environment. These environmental investigation surveys assess the condition of the environment by analysing soil-gas, soil and groundwater for pollution-causing compounds using gas chromatography techniques.

These non-destructive test methods can be performed in industrial zones, airports, service stations, landfills and urban areas, to identify, detect and delineate extremely low levels of contamination.

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