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Official distributor Stork Vapor Trace

Vapor trace is the quickest, most economical and not harmful method to analyze and assess the condition of a site contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and other volatile organic compounds such as Trichlorethylene and Trichloroethane.

The Survey of Soil Gas Vapor Trace method allows you to assess the condition of a soil contaminated by hydrocarbons and other volatile organic compounds by gas-chromatographic analysis of the interstitial gas, ground water and soil.

Is a non-destructive sampling method: the sampling can be carried out in industrial areas, airports, gas stations, landfills and urban areas, to detect contamination also extremely low.

The method was developed by Tracer Research Corporation in the nineties and it is much more effective and faster than traditional drilling and sampling techniques to analyze and assess the condition of a contaminated site.

The method allows to find the source of contamination during the investigation over a large area, with collecting several samples of gas; this increases the possibility of identifying the source.

Furthermore the technique of detection of soil gas allows to optimize the location of any control coring, decreasing the amount and still get results of high precision.