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AEGIS 2K S.r.l. search for business personnel. If you’re interested to be a part of a dynamic and fast growing – specializes in services for geological monitoring – send us your curriculum vitae by e-mail to Your application will be placed in the archives AEGIS 2K S.r.l. and kept in evidence for any selection meetings, where your qualifications and skills can be assessed against the needs of the organization.


To submit a curriculum need to report in the body of your authorization to process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of Law 675/96. Your consent is essential for the system to acquire them. The names, details of which will comply with any requirements of the Company, will be kept on file for an indefinite period. Your e-mail will be used to send various communications and promotions. This proposal is open to candidates of both sexes. AEGIS 2K S.r.l. assure the security.

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