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A new divisions for Aegis 2K

Aegis-2K expands its portfolio of services into a new technological sector with their latest Joint Venture with EOS (Earth Observation Solutions)

 .From this co-operation derives a new division of Aegis 2k : Aegis 2k-EOS, a compartment providing high-level services to the oil&gas and mining sectors based on environmental strategic studies using remote sensing, new technologies and numerical modeling.

The new division will operate in all industrial sectors requiring specific support for data mining, spatial intelligence, strategic impact studies and plant&infrastructure siting.

The EOS division of Aegis 2k builds its capability on the 20-year experience of its technical and scientific staff on applications of remote sensing, GIS, acquisition technologies and numerical modeling to environmental impact assessment, risk mitigation and monitoring, hazard forecasting, rapid mapping, strategic resources evaluation and support to design, siting and operation of plant and infrastructures for the whole natural resources industry.

EOS ( Earth observations solutions) division


EO-Based land classification and mapping, terrain characterization, 3D mapping for plant design and installation, change and target detection, risk mapping, pipeline monitoring, oil spill detection.


Coastal studies, coral reef mapping, surface and ground water assessment, shallow water classification, wetland mapping and monitoring.


Vegetation mapping, biomass quantification, mangrove forest detection, identification and mapping of protected and endangered areas.